We’ve already seen this dog’s maternity and post-partum photo shoots, so it was only a matter of time for cats to step in. So here it is, the most purrfect newborn photo-shoot-inspired stray kitty’s photo series!

His mom Cassie Borcherding of Missouri, who is also a professional photographer, shot the kitty, named Elsa, after her daughter begged her to do a newborn photo shoot. The result is paw-sitively adorable! ” It wasn’t easy at first, but once i got her wrapped she purred the entire time,” Borcherding told getzkick. Sadly, the pictures are now rather bittersweet for the family.

They welcomed Elsa right from the streets to their loving home, having made sure that she has no owner. Sadly, the kitten has recently disappeared. But since Elsa was a stray, Borcherding hopes that she will find the way back to their home. “We hope she’s safe and being fed somewhere. And we hope she finds her way back to us.”

“She came to us not long ago as a stray kitten who had wandered into our garage”


“My daughter who is 4 fell in love with her and after much deliberation named her Elsa after the movie Frozen”


“Taking the photos of the kitten was her idea”


“It wasn’t easy at first, but once i got her wrapped she purred the entire time”


“Who knew cats like to be swaddled?


“When she started to get a bit restless I got out my carriage prop and she played in it”


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