Life throws you into the pit sometimes and there is no way back. And there are times when you don’t get a second chance. But then again it is always our choice, to stay positive or lose hope in life. The one who faces the problem becomes a survivor.

Discussing survivors, recollect the wonderful Resham Khan who conquered a corrosive assault at 21 years old just to turn out more confident and beautiful? The same brave-heart who didn’t get disheartened by the malevolent plans of life and rose as a symbol to many, winning the internet with her recuperation pictures?

The 22 year lady is looking more gorgeous than before. And this what she tweeted-


Even her Instagram is mind-boggling though she used make-up and highlighter but why not? Every women has access to power of beauty.

1.She is beautiful!

Currently dancing to Taylor Swift – Shake it off x

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2. Her damn looks!

Doing my hair earlier was pointless🌧

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3. Her cute smile!


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She is our hero on social media. People are supporting and loving her for the courage she showed.


2.She is power

3.Too cute!

4.Never and ever

5.God bless you

Way to go Resham, all the love and support to you. She was never ashamed of her scars. She showed them boldly and beautifully always. She also shared her no-makeup pictures on social media. And her recovery pictures are amazing.

Loads of love lady!