Real love is the bliss of life that makes your life bright because that happens is right; but you can’t expect this if the person is not right because only a true and real love is capable to qualify as a boon

If you want to be sure of your real man do check for these 7 signs.

1.It’s not me but we

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If you really love someone they become your addiction and then you want them every time so you always consider yourself with them in anything any everything.

2. You are acquainted with the friends and family

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We often keep our friends and family separately but the case differs here because we love our family the most and ultimately the loved ones become a part of our family. So, introduction to family and friends is a confirmation of real love.

3.Being responsible for your happiness and health

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If he loves you he will always be concerned about your well being, health and happiness in all the seasons and every part of the day.

4.He is the initiator

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you will not be the one doing everything if his love for you is real because then he will take initiatives to make your bond stronger with memories.

5. You get the privilege of being a priority.

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Being a priority for someone is the greatest privilege of a good relationship since it means the guarantee of your happiness and support in both good and hard times

6.He finds you more than perfect

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The right person loves you for who you are with all your faults and flaws; he is more than happy with you on his side than your negatives

7.He does not hesitate to apologize

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Every individual is bound to make a mistake sooner or later and there’s no harm in accepting it but it really takes courage to accept mistakes and most importantly apologize for the same and if you get a person who understands the need of an apology you are more than lucky.