Wedding bells and you are full of joy and excitement. On top of it you go bananas when it’s your friend’s marriage. You actually witness what goes before planning of a wedding. Check out some of them.

1.You are shocked

You are shocked


You are shocked when you get to know that your friend is getting married. You repetitively ask them if it’s a joke or not and tempt them about the free life they could still have.

2.Child Marriage

Child Marriage


You still can’t accept the fact that you are adults now and that your friend is being forced into a child marriage act.

3.Excited mai edda

Excited mai edda


But now when you know that it’s really happening. You are excited more than your friend getting married.

4.Excitement leading to confusion

Excitement leading to confusion


The hardest decision of your lifetime is what you would be wearing for the wedding.

5.Congratulations on having a new job

Congratulations on having a new job


You technically become your friend’s personal assistant. You follow them loyally like a pup.

6.You act like a pro

You act like a pro


The amount of advices and pros and cons you give to your friend about life after marriage makes you look like an expert at being a life councellor.

7.Next is you

Next is you


Older folks start pulling your leg saying, “next is you.”

8.Checking out

Checking out


Your new goal in life is to check out the hotties from the barati side.

9.You are your own wedding planner

You are your own wedding planner


Now that you are such a pro in planning weddings for others, you start planning things for your own wedding.

10. You already miss your friend

You already miss your friend


You might be happy for your friend but you also know that things will not be the same between you two.

11.Your friend’s list just increased

Your friend s list just increased


You just added a new friend to your list. Your friend’s husband.

12.The ‘J’ feeling

The J feeling


You feel jealous that you will now have to share your friend with someone else and now you would be second in their priority list.

13. Happily ever after

Happily ever after


But you know that your friend is happy and so you are happy for your friend.

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