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11 Perks Of Living In An Indian Joint Family.

Being in a joint family is awesome and very surprising too. Here are 11 perks of living in a joint family.

1. It feels like there is a family function every day.

With so many people around right from dada-dadi, chacha-chahci etc. it feels like there is some family event happening round the clock, 365 days, 24/7. Only you won’t know the difference when it is actually happening!

2. Eating is always Fun

With so many ladies in the house, you never go short of menus. Everyday there is a new variety and of course, taste. This one’s surely a great perk of living in a joint family!

3. Celebrations are Always a Grand Affair

When it comes to celebrations, everyone in the family puts on the best show. There is never a dull moment and even the simplest of occasions turn out to be a grand affair.

4. You have wondered what it means to have ‘Personal Space’. “What is that exactly?”

Your room is your sister’s room which is also shared by your cousin, which means basically meant it is everyone’s room! Personal space is the same as joint-personal space for you. You have rolled your eyes every time your friends have asked, ‘Don’t you need any alone time?” Because the only alone time you get in your house is when you use the bathroom!

5. Having no personal space also meant that you were never lonely

Your sisters and cousins knew how you felt and what you felt in a heartbeat. From celebrations to occasions, whether you needed a pat on the back or a shoulder to cry on, you had it all. You were never made to feel lonely. And isn’t that what we all want?

6. You have more than two parents

In a joint family it’s like you have a few more sets of parents. Instead of just your parents inquiring about your whereabouts, you have a few cha-chas, a few chachis, dada dadi, and your cousins too. You are perpetually surrounded by hidden cameras in the form of family members.

7. Sharing becomes a Norm

Whether you want to or not, you will have to live with it. Sharing is kind of a norm you follow in the house. From food to clothes, from toys to bikes; you just need to share everything in the house.

8. You have More Cousins than Friends

At times you feel you have more cousins that friends, and well, at times it even works fine as you no more need a friend when you have your siblings around all the time.

9. Family Outings are a Fun Ride

Even a trip to the theatre feels like a picnic! Other than scrumptious food and other delicacies, you have a great deal of enjoyment. And the journey turns super awesome with everyone playing ‘Ántakshri’ like in a typical Rajshree Film.

10. You are pretty famous in school

So basically all the teacher’s know you and because everyone at school knows some sister or brother of yours, you know everyone! Even the gossip stories reach you first.

11. You are loaded with presents on your birthday!

With so many family members around, your birthdays never go without presents, whether you are 5 or 20. And since they are family they always know what to get you.




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