Finding love is not a big task, but finding true and actual love is actually a very big task. Everyone on this planet, who is in love with someone, will always say ‘I am living with my true love and we both are very happy with each other’. But if they go deepest to their heart, then they will find actuality that there is something formal in their relationship or they are finally met with their true love. Scroll down to find out whether you find your true love or not.

#1.‘Ugly Or Beautiful’, Looks Never Matters To Your Life Partner…



This is the truth that your face never matters if love is heavenly real.

#2. Either You Will Go Fat Or Thin, Don’t Put A Single Comma In Your Relation…



Love is committed with heart, not with the type and shape of the body.

#3. You Feel Very Comfortable While Farting In Front Of Each Other…



Yes! It is a natural phenomenon so why feel shy in front of each other? After you share everything with him/her then why not your fart?

#4.His/Her Dressing Whether Good Or Bad Never Bother To You…



Clothing doesn’t seem to be an issue of good or bad because you have to love the person not his/her clothes

#5. Always Try To Take Out Better Than Best From Each Other…



Whether the best is there in you or not, your beloved always tries to pull out the best in you either in any form.

#6. The situation May Be Worst, But Never Allow Letting the Confidence Of Your Partner Down…



It happens many times that the situation is not working accordingly with you, but somehow you put all of your efforts into raising the confidence of your darling.

#7. Your Sweetheart May Not So Beautiful, But Your Eyes Always Stuck To Him/Her Only…



Though lots of beautiful are wandering around you your eyes are only busy staring at your love only.

#8. You Start Finding Your Happiness In Happiness of His/Her…



It is sure that may be the thing you don’t like must be a favorite to your lover so your dislike automatically converts into your likes.

#9.Sharing Passwords… Facebook, Gmail, Twitter!!! Not a Big Deal…



Nothing private type ever exist between both of you so each and every password is like an open book to your love.

#10.Always Ready To Do That Dislike Of Yours Which Is Actually A Big One Like Of Your Partner…



You can’t see your darling’s face in a sad mood so 24*7 ready to do anything for him/her whether you like that or not.

#11.Silly Fighting All Over The Time Only On Kids Type Issues…



Fighting over little one thing will increase love between both of you and make you get closer.

#12. Face So Called Break Up Mostly Every Other Day And Sweet Patch After 1 Hour Only…



Stupid kinds of breakups are very normal because the life of these breakups in not more than one day or maybe less.

#13. Ego Never Comes In Between…



Where there is real love, there is no more space for ego.

#14.Bank Account And Money Of Both Is Like Brother And Sister…



In the case of money-related issues, nothing is like ‘mine or yours’. Both have heavy access and authorization to money and bank account of each other.

#15. Your Life Is Now Revolving Around Only One Word And i.e. “WE”…



True love brings lots of change in one life, years ago you think of only ‘me’. But now someone is very special in your life and it’s become “we” instead of “me”.

#16. Love Is Too Deepest And Pure Between Two People That No Need To Express It Either In Form Of ‘I love You’…



No need to be like a robot that has to say ‘love you’ every day. Love is in the air 24*7 for the couple who is truly, madly, deeply in love with each other.

#17. Stupid Kind Of Formalities Never Comes In Your Way…



There is a number of unwanted formalities in a relationship like acting mature, formal, etc. Love without these stupid things counts as true love.

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