We all have seen this phase. This phase of teenage fantasies and our Oh-so-dear crushes. We know how it feels when he/she passes by us. Those little goosebumps and butterflies in the stomach. Surely, having a crush is one of the best feelings in the world.

Here are 13 silly things that we all do when we’re crushing on someone.

1. You get 100 percent attendance at school/college

You get 100 percent attendance at school college


School and college become fun when that person is around, so you want to attend it more often.

2. You stalk him/ her on Facebook.

You stalk him her on facebook


It’s not that you just want to see that person, but you also wanna know who all are in his/her friend list. what he likes and who he talks to.

3. You try to know his friends and hang out with them.

You try to know his friends and hangout with them


You want every time to be around that person, so you try to be friends with his group.

4. You start becoming conscious of your looks.



You want that person to notice you and find you pretty. So, you adopt a new hairstyle and change your dressing sense.

5. You dream about him/her every day and night.

You dream about him her every day and night


That person is always on your mind and often comes in your dreams.

6. After a week or so, you send a friend request to that person.

After a week or so  you send friend request to that person


You want to know him/her better and get close.

7. You are teased with his/ her name.

You are teased with his her name


Whenever your friends happen to see that person, they pair you with him/her and tease you.

8. You blush every time he/she passes by.

You blush every time he she passes by1


A smile comes to your face when u see him/her.

9. You feel jealous when he/she is standing with any random girl/boy.

You feel jealous


You become possessive about your crush. You cant see him/her standing with any girl/boy.

10. You constantly stare at him/her.

You constantly stare him


You want to get lost in the eyes of that person

11. You find ways to talk to him/her.

You find ways to talk to him her


You try to impress him with your talks.

12. When he/ she disappears from school/college, for one day, you are like ‘Why don’t I die’?

When he she disappears from schoolcollege, for one day  you are like why don t I die


You are so used to seeing that person, that when you don’t see him/her, you get an empty feeling in your stomach.

13. You feel offended when anyone says any bad thing about him/her.

You feel offended when anyone says any bad thing about him


You have a very good image of your crush in your mind, that you wanna kill whosoever says anything bad about him/her.

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