“Just block your Ex and move on.”

“Nahh it would look inhuman.”

When you break up, that means you are breaking the strings attached. And not keeping any link with him or her isn’t an inhuman action, it’s just like protecting yourself from further discomfort. There isn’t any problem if you no more want to see your ex’s face, booze with them, or even never want to hook up with them.

Befriending your Ex isn’t that cool!!

And one must not do things just for the heck of basic norms. If the relationship ended on the wrong note and the things in-between were not well, then how can they be good in the future time? Most relationships end up in two situations…

(A) He ditched you– And in that case why do you want to be friends with him? Nobody wants desires to have a disloyal person.

(B) No understanding– They couldn’t understand you in the relationship course, then how will your Ex understand you when you are a friend to him/her? So, having useless friends is an utter waste of emotions.

So don’t stress too much about taking the decision not to be friends with your ex anymore. Every person has a right to live without tension. And don’t let your ex influence your decision. So take a chill pill and end it on a sorted note.

And darling it’s okay to be mean sometimes!!

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