10 Reasons Why My Daddy Is My SuperHero

My dad! My hero! My Superhero!I have always been my daddy’s no1 fan and always made sure that I am his favorite. In fact girls are daddy’s princess and for dads their daughters mean the world.

1.The guiding light:

The guiding light


Your father has always protected you. He will always be the first man in your life to hold you, caress you and shield you.

2.Bed time stories:

Bed time stories


No matter how tired they come back from work, they will always be enthusiastic to tell their baby girl her favorite story.




You will always be their first choice even if they love your younger sibling equally.

4.Your personal Make-Up-Artist:

Your personal MakeUpArtist


They will dress you up like a princess, shop the prettiest dresses for you and if incase they are out on an office trip they make sure they call you before you sleep.

5.Your personal health guru:

Your personal health guru


Eat healthy! Stay happy! Is their all time favorite mantra. (It gets nagging sometimes but yeah it’s daddy’s love)

6.Best buds:

Best buds


They are our best buddies on our gloomy days.

7.My super hero:

My super hero


You know your dad is your hero if he leaves his favorite football match just because you want to watch your girly show.

8.They are now face readers:

They are now face readers


You might feel a little hesitant to tell your dad about certain things but they can read you like a book. Their only statement is “I am always there to talk to you “

9.The proud moment:

The proud moment


They feel proud of you on every small achievement of yours and celebrate in their own style.

10. After fight:

After fight


No matter how much you fight with your dad. They are always there to advice you and always the first one’s to start the conversation after the fights.