Watch Amazon India’s campaign on #MomBeAGirlAgain that’ll definitely make you want to hug your mom and listen to all the untold stories of the girl who once had a dream!

Send her a note telling her how awesome she is…


Spend more time with her. Make her feel you’re always around.


And let her know how grateful you are for the sacrifices she has made for you throughout her life.


Encourage her to pursue her dreams which she gave up on to raise you

And eventually, when you tell her #MomBeAGirlAgain and give her reasons to revisit her past, is when she’ll realize what she’s been missing out on for all these years…


When was the last time you saw your mother sleep peacefully? When was the last time you saw her hold something that didn’t belong to you or anyone else from your family? Ever wondered what her life was like before she made your life hers? Isn’t it weird that she has been practically been living off on whatever little that remains after ensuring your schedule is on point.

It’s a funny thing, that the lady who held your hands and taught you to chase your dreams, at one point suppressed her own. But it’s never too late to dig out her past and plant a better future. Wondering how?