The 5th edition of India Film Project (IFP) will start off on Sept 18th with more than 15000+ filmmakers expected to participate this year. The growing profile of the event has turned it into a platform for young filmmakers across the country.

While there are other time-bound filmmaking events, IFP is by far the largest with a national footprint now. Past winners like Vignash, whose short film Audition won the Platinum Film of The Year in 2014, talk about how winning the event shaped him as a filmmaker. “The challenge was not about winning, it was about completing the movie in 50 hours, uploading it and achieving the output close to the expectations.”

Getting your film showcased at IFP also opens up numerous avenues for a filmmaker in the form of opportunities to work with established filmmakers. That’s what happened with Vignash & his team who go to work with filmmakers from the Tamil industry. This year’s event will see acclaimed filmmaker Ketan Mehta as a part of the jury.

Over the years the event has shown a steady rise in the quality of films. Making a film within a stipulated time period of 50 hours is a significant achievement by any means. In the last four editions, there have been numerous interesting shorts that have come out of the event. Here are 5 that stand out.

#1. Audition – Vignash

Vignash’s film deservedly won the Platinum Film of The Year, thanks to its subtle interpretation of the theme. The film tracks the journey of an aspiring actor and his fears about facing criticism from the known faces. With minimal dialogues, the film was liked both by the audiences and jury alike.

#2. Laal – Amith Shetty

The slapstick comedy stands out as one of our favorites from the event. The short showcases the events that unfold after a group of friends get high on various substances only to realize that their friend had met with a serious accident. The film won the Bronze Film of The Year in the 2014 edition.

#3. Graffiti – Santosh

Capturing the life of a painter/graffiti artist, the film shows what influence a good piece of art can have on the minds of people. The film came 7th in the last year’s edition.

#4. I Can Too – Pranav Borse

A beautiful film depicts the feelings of a mentally challenged teenager. The film shows in a beautiful and lucid manner how love can help overcome any barrier. The film came 8th last year.

#5. Inner Transitions – Aditya

The film hits the right chord, by showcasing what every male citizen of the country has to do. Inner Transitions looks at how the male gaze objectifies women. The thought-provoking film stood out as one of the best films in 2013 and eventually won the Platinum Film of The Year.

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