‘The Delhi Boy’ is story of a Ankit, a typical rich spoiled Delhi brat and how his psychology
towards women takes a turn with the events that follow up.

It is very easy for boys to make such unbearable comments over girls. They easily abuses girls touch their private parts in even public place and they find their MARDANGI in doing such hilarious things. But if a girl revert them in form a single abusive word then it hurt their ego… But what they exactly do with other girls, they will only realize when their own mother, sister suffer from same hell…

When It Comes To Their Own Sister And Mother, Then Only Boys Realizes


It is not about being born in a city or crime comitted but actually the mentality among the youth from influencial families to get away from doing something wrong Unfortunately in our city this thinking breeds much more compared to other metros. A rich delhi boy (as the charachter is shown) conisders his right to take away what he wants with out respecting any other being. He knows he has a father who will save his ass each time. In this case he eve teases or molests a girl and doesnt consider her as a being with emotions or feelings. This culture of vulgar display of power is visible in Delhi in our day to day life and i have been a witness to it. I am not a feminist. Nor am I defaming Delhi or generalising its men. Its just the mentality i feel bad about. Delhi being a capital will always be in more limelight and will be compared to other metros.