U will always find the assuming character in examination hall and cheater always find the various trick to pass in the / exam….

1)Bhai pls sit properly(Kch Smjh Nahi Aar aha)

2)1 more pls

3)I swear dis is last one

4)Sale tu Bahar Nikal aaj I will see u(Gang bang dhamki for toppers)

5)Same dialogue again 2 maam may I go to toilet

6)Sitting arrangement (bhai age piche bethege tens na lai)

7)Yes bhai 4 Q fus gye chit wale do ka du dekh lai

5)bhai mai fail ho jauga smjha kr

6)3 Hr like a 3 year

7)Bhai last ten min ub to kuch dikha dai plss

8) Fighting for occupied the last row or bench

9)Front seat is always empty

10)I m going for washroom tu bhi aa jaa

11)sale kitna likhega

12)collect first xtra seat compition

13)you are not my bro dear really aaj pata chal gya mje

14)jyda se 2 mai fail ho jauga or kya hoga dear

15) pls exchange the extra copy dear I will copy in 2 min

16)The last Sec Mugging

17)Omg I lost My Admin card

18)Saala kaash padh liye hote