During your school days, you’ve probably encountered some folks who don’t put in the effort to study throughout the year. Instead, they rely on last-minute help to pass examination. Let’s explore some of the sneaky tricks these cheaters often use in this article!

Reason due to which students cheat in examination 

  1. Poor time management

2. Everyone does it phenomena

3. Poor planning

4. May be some subjects are tough

5. Weak assignment design

Common Tricks Used in examination

U will always find the assuming character in examination hall and cheater always find the various trick to pass in the / exam….

How To Cheat On Test Without Phone

1)Bhai pls sit properly(Kch Smjh Nahi Aar aha)

2)1 more pls

3)I swear dis is last one

4)Sale tu Bahar Nikal aaj I will see u(Gang bang dhamki for toppers)

5)Same dialogue again 2 maam may I go to toilet

6)Sitting arrangement (bhai age piche bethege tens na lai)

7)Yes bhai 4 Q fus gye chit wale do ka du dekh lai

5)bhai mai fail ho jauga smjha kr

6)3 Hr like a 3 year

7)Bhai last ten min ub to kuch dikha dai plss

8) Fighting for occupied the last row or bench

9)Front seat is always empty

10)I m going for washroom tu bhi aa jaa

11)sale kitna likhega

12)collect first xtra seat compition

13)you are not my bro dear really aaj pata chal gya mje

14)jyda se 2 mai fail ho jauga or kya hoga dear

15) pls exchange the extra copy dear I will copy in 2 min

16)The last Sec Mugging

17)Omg I lost My Admin card

18)Saala kaash padh liye hote


In conclusion, in today world these kind of characters are present among us. While it might seem helpful in the short term, it won’t work in the long run. Cheating can happen in different ways, like using the internet or getting help from friends who already took the test. This phenomenon raises questions about the fairness and integrity of the examination process.

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