In case you’re in your 20’s, the real trick of organized marriage is regularly raised. When you come up short on persistence, you at long last consent to the ‘family endorsed dating’. You get together, make a chitchat yet…

In any case, what happens when you go gaga for that individual in the initially meeting itself? Since now and then, even love relational unions in India can be ‘orchestrated’. ?

That is precisely the reason of Emotional Fulls adorable little web arrangement “Love Platter… serves two”. Watch what happens when Suhas, an adorable customary IT fellow with straightforward life yearnings, winds up going gaga for the chirpy and cheerful Radhika. Dreading he wouldn’t be the “one” for her, he continues lying about his distractions and feasible arrangements with the goal that he can fit into Radhika’s concept of “the ideal buddy.”

To perceive how this charming affection story turns out, watch this drawing in web-arrangement containing 5 episodes.