“OFF love!”:-Part-1:Here

“OFF love!”:-Part-2:Here


“Its Mrs. Bella russel for you!” I roared trying to gulp my tears for allowing other man, other than my Love, to eye me like that! But I sighed exhaling helplessness.

“Now my husband has no more proofs against him, implying he was a gangster, so let him live a normal life.” I said through gritted teeth, sidelining all my emotions.

“How can you love the man, who killed your mom and many innocent people?”
“Don’t you dare manipulate me! Ya he was involved in that serial blasts but he has already seen a lot and repented beyond your imaginations. And it was you, who had kidnapped him from that orphanage, to train that innocent kid into a rutheless gangster, for your own benefits and dream of destroying the mankind. So you better just shut the fuck up!”

“Okay, let’s see what more can you do, in his blind love?” He laughed evilly.
“What do you mean?” I was so baffled. Nick had already told me as to what extent his boss could go and how dangerous he is!

“See, you like fool in his love, agreed all my conditions. Like thrashing him in public, standing in front of me in just a bikini. And all this just to take a stupid file. Oh my god! See darling I’m a smuggler. I don’t do business in losses. So now I’m gonna celebrate by fucking you then killing your husband and daughter.” He laughed evilly whereas I smirked.

He stopped abruptly eyeing my confidence and changed demeanor.

“What? What are you thinking?” He fumbled a little.

“See your feet, don’t you think its all wet?”

He looked at his feet and horror struck him.

“Don’t.. Don’t..”

“Yes, you need to burn alive for molesting my nick’s innocence.”

With this I lit the matchstick, threw it at his direction. And before I could be burnt too, I grabbed the shawl which I had brought and ran away.

Running away, in which direction I didn’t know, but I kept on weeping.

“I cheated him.. I cheated him” that’s what I kept murmuring all the way. It started raining heavily. I realized I’m not in proper clothes. Fear gripped me seeing I’m on some road, which my mind was unable to recognize.

I walked some more, gripping the shawl tightly on my frame, for my dear life. I saw a slum area. There men were eyeing me like a hawk. I was all drenched in rain, whereas my soul was drenched in vehement guilt.

I went to a old lady’s little house. She gave me an accusatory glare, but somehow I managed to cook a story n grab an old tattered Sarree from her.

With that, I went away. Away from this place, and my love.

-to be continue..

“OFF love!”:-Part-1:Here

“OFF love!”:-Part-2:Here

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