THE HUNGRY got selected for Toronto International Film Festival in the year 2017.The trailer of this movie is mesmerizing, which was released on 22nd August 2017. The release date of the film is not revealed yet. But as per the expectations set by the promo, wait for this movie will be a worth it.

THE HUNGRY takes after Tulsi Joshi, a widow and bride to be who comes to her own wedding seeking revenge for the barbaric murder of her first born son. THE HUNGRY is based on the line of Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus, THE movie is about the violence that exists between power and love – a grim children’s story set in the world class circles of north India.

The star-cast of the movie is just at the point and obviously Naseeruddin Shah is the catalyst in the movie. The folk music just follows the flow of the film and adds the link to it.

So, let’s just wait for this creation!