At first look, these paintings by Belec Tratas look like ordinary pictures of famous people however upon nearer examination pieces of information about their life stories develop. The most imperative individuals, items, minutes, and references of the celebrity’s life are incorporated inside the artwork.

Each painting resembles the arrangement of a motion picture, fastidiously made with their life’s inheritance displayed in one single picture. By displaying the great, the awful, and the shocking of every celebrity, Belec Tratas intends to advise us that how these famous people’s characters are depicted independent from anyone else and the media is carefully constructed.

#1.“Can’t Tame The Tiger”

#2.“I Just Told You Who I Thought I Was… A God!”

#3.“The Rock Star

#4.“Grand Bieber Brand”

#5.“Triumphs and Tragedies of Tyson

#6.“Loudmouth Irish Badboy

#7.“Oh Arnie!”

#8.“Legacy of the Blonde Bombshell”

#9.“Whoa William!”

#10.“Rona Lisa”

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