From time to time, a contention gets made a huge deal about and we are left to ponder the substances of the world we live in. After Dried performer Tannishtha Chatterjee got out a channel and a satire show for supremacist substance and hostile jokes, the debate got heightened.


To be sexist, racist, regressive is just not funny. It is not cool. These days prejudices seem to surface more unabashedly. But maybe it is good that it is all coming out and no more hidden, so at least it can be addressed. Since I started the #darkisbeautiful campaign, I have heard so many horror stories of people (mainly women) being harassed, abused and undermined because of the colour of their skin, that nothing shocks me anymore.

I feel sad for those who stoop so low. It is time we speak up against any discrimination which is on the basis of colour, cast, class, creed and gender. This is not about #Tannishtha being “roasted”, but it is about the kind of world we are creating and want to be part of.