Sofia Ashraf’s rap might draw crowds to the stage, but her milkshake brings nobody to the yard, and she’s cool with it.

“I Can’t Do Sexy” is a hilariously self-deprecating song where she wholeheartedly and flat-chestedly accepts that she can do a lot of things, but “doing sexy” is not one on that list.

Sofia Ashraf, of Kodaikanal Won’t fame is back, this time with a song of devotion for the unsexy. She moans about what she looks like a designer in shirt dresses and like Harry Potter with scenes on, and keeping in mind that she can money her checks and awe officials, she just can’t do sexy.

Appreciate and don’t point the finger at us if this is latched onto your subconscious mind for whatever remains of the day. Share and spread the delight.

Video Source:BLUSH