What if the Mona Lisa got tired of her old silk robes and decided to trade them in for a trendy jumpsuit? That’s exactly the kind of scenario Japanese graphic designer Shusaku Takaoka specialises in bringing to life, and he does it with pure wit.

Takaoka is a specialist at transforming history into hipster. His works amusingly change a portion of the established workmanship world’s most notorious appearances into current city slickers, and we really wouldn’t be amazed on the off chance that we saw any of these made-over canvas characters chilling on the tram, or strutting the most recent patterns on Broadway. Be that as it may, Takaoka didn’t stop there – he’s likewise rethought them as motion picture stars, magazine covers, and even baristas.

These photograph mashups could be intended to create an impression on the impact of ancient times on present day society – or they may very well be absolutely for no particular reason. We’ll give you a chance to choose as you have a look through them beneath.




















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