Bitcoin vs. Ethereum
Bitcoin vs. Ethereum

Cryptocurrencies have taken over the world at a rapid pace. The story of bitcoin that started with bitcoin now has more than 2000 currencies in it. The number is increasing with various new currencies coming up daily. Every cryptocurrency has something unique to offer. But before getting into types of digital assets, let us discuss a little about the crypto market.

Cryptocurrency markets are like another market where the exchange of assets takes place. The only difference here is that these markets are not controlled by any institution. These are not under regulation and hence volatile. Prices can vary within minutes. This volatility indeed is a troublesome thing but can also offer high returns. The drastic price movements have made the day for many people and got many people into huge losses. The key to making the best trades in crypto markets is to be vigilant and observant round the clock.

At present, there are two leading cryptocurrencies in the world. First, the currency from which it all started, bitcoin. Second, ethereum, the new asset offering good returns. Choosing between these is a tough decision for every investor. On one side, they have the almost stable bitcoin and on the other side, they’ve grown but unstable ethereum. Back to bitcoin’s introduction, investors could buy it as cheap as 1 cent. And a couple of months back bitcoin reached $60,000! Omit, ethereum debuted in 2015 at a price of less than $3, now its value is more than $4000! Both bitcoin and ethereum have different aims. Ethereum has a decentralized network upon which the making of various applications depends.

Coming down to the main question, should an investor invest in bitcoin or ethereum? Well, there is no straight answer to it. It depends on the investor and his risk absorbing limit. Having been through many ups and downs, bitcoin has now reached a point of stability. But, ethereum is still on a growing stage and comes with risks. But as we know, the higher the risk, the higher are the chances of profit!

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