There are a ton of ladies in the country who are clashed to the point that they can’t work any longer, in light of all the blended signs that society gives them.

The conversation around a lady’s closet irritates men more than any lady. Crimes against ladies are clarified away as the victim’s mistake, despite the fact that ladies are molded — through tall tales, movies, and books — to surmise that they are weaker, and others will dependably be there to spare them.

This polarity between the good girl and the terrible young lady, the heavenly attendant and the prostitute, sanskaar and skankiness is enlivened with this talked word that Bollywood actor Swara Bhaskar performs, in relationship with TLC India, where she discusses cosmetics, amusements, and weight in a hard hitting execution, loaded with implied symbolism at viciousness, sexual and something else.

We are so often burdened by society’s idea of beauty that we forget to look within and revel in our inner beauty. Watch the iconic Swara Bhasker slam the stereotype and shed light on the importance of inner beauty through a verse. #ThePoetist

You can watch the whole performance here.