We can’t help ourselves, we see an open blind and it’s human nature to steal a glance! A woman weighing her boob, a rogue postmen and a latex clad ‘man dog’…
This English artist Paul Blow has illustrated some of the most bizarre stories.

#1 “I Work As A Window Cleaner So I Often See Into People’s Homes While I’m Working – It’s Hard To Avoid. The Strangest Thing I’ve Ever Seen Was An Old Lady Eating Dinner At A Table Completely Surrounded By Her Cats, Who Were Also Eating Dinner.”


#2 “My Neighbour Is A Bit Of An Eccentric Man. I Always Knew He Kept Owls, But I Didn’t Know They Lived In His House With Him Until I Spotted Him Eating Breakfast One Morning With A Large Owl Perched On Top Of His Head. The Best Part Was He Looked Quite Unfazed By The Whole Thing.”


#3 “The Best Thing I’ve Ever Seen Through A Window Was When I Saw A Lady Weighing A Single Boob On A Set Of Kitchen Scales. Not Sure What Recipe It Was For!”


#4 “I Can Hear My Gate Open And Close From My Bedroom, And I Notice It Most In The Mornings When The Postman Comes. Strange Thing Was, Sometimes I’d Hear The Gate Open But I Wouldn’t Receive Any Post. Well, One Morning I Was Up And About Earlier Than Usual When I Heard The Gate Go – I Then Saw That My Postman Had Taken To Using My Garden As His Personal Toilet Stop. I Knocked On The Window And Waved, And Since Then I Only Ever Hear The Gate Open When I Get Post!”


#5 “I Was Once Walking My Dog When I Happened To Look Into Someone’s Front Room. I Saw A Woman Wearing Black Leather Walking Her ‘dog’ – A Guy On A Leash! Each To Their Own, I Guess.”


#6 “My Neighbour Is Completely Obsessed With Justin Bieber. It’s Actually A Little Bit Odd. Apart From The Posters All Over The Wall, I’ve Even Seen Her Sitting On Her Sofa With A Life-size Cut-out Of Him. Gives Me The Creeps!”


More info: Paul Blow | Commissioned by English Blinds