Smoking is a bad habit but it is also damn addictive. It is very difficult to give it up and there are many consequences too. Here is a list of 9 things every smoker will relate to.


1. Where is my lighter

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You put cigarette in between your teeth and search for light but find that there isn’t any. Then you have to ask around for it or if you are at home you have to use gas stove.

2. Stress reliever

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If you are stressed you search for your cigarette as you know it will calm your nerves.

3. Cough

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You get a cough and it affects your daily life.

4. No stamina

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You can’t run as fast you used to.

5. You spend a awful  large amount on smoke.

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It might not seem so large but if you calculate the amount an average person spends a month you will see it is a lot.

6. The I will quit cycle

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You decide to quit even hold it for weeks but them the addiction comes again and you give in.

7. Flight -the horror

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Not from flight but from the thought of no cigarette for long hours.

8. Mouth smells

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It smells bad and if your relative caught the whiff your life ends.

9. The smoking buddy

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Everyone has one and when you guys smoke together it just makes your day.