Body shaming is a sad reality for women all across. We are always either too ‘fat’ or too ‘skinny’; too ‘short’ or too ‘tall’ for the world.

Just because somebody calls out on us, we lose all our confidence. I remember when a certain person convinced me that I was ‘fat’ and looked ugly. My self-esteem came plunging down and I felt awful. But ladies, don’t fall for the trap. Believe that you’re beautiful the way you are, and own those so-called flaws because they are what make you unique.

Bullyproof, a social awareness campaign in Pakistan, compiled the stories of young women confessing how they were body shamed since a young age. These girls were told they’re fat, they’re dark, and they’ll not get any guy to get married to.

These are some pinching words said to them:

“Have you looked at the way you lie down? You look so vulgar the way you spread your body out on the bed.”




I was told that African kids are starving because I eat all their food.


Watch the full video to hear their stories:

To all the women ( and men ) who were or are body shamed, this is for you. Silence those hate voices and burn down those thoughts which pull you back. But most importantly, be yourself because you’re beautiful the way you are.

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