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9 reasons why every guy should have a ‘girl’ best friend

Almost every guy has thousands of guy friends in his life but there are only few who have girls as their best friends. The later ones are probably the luckiest ones on this earth. The special feeling which they get is simply amazing.

Here are some reasons why every guy should have a ‘girl’ best friend:

1. She is your  relationship adviser.


She can give you the best tips about any of your relationship problem. Moreover , she is reliable too.

2. New opportunities for meeting hot girls.


Every time you get to meet the gang of her girlfriends , you have the chance to stalk new girls.

3. It’s fun to play pranks on her.


The best part of this kind of friendship is to irritate her by playing pranks on her or tagging her in stupid posts on facebook.

4. She takes care of your hygiene.


You no longer remain the filthy sort of person , rather you become much more organised.

5. You don’t have to find a partner for the parties.


This also gives you an opportunity for attending the party that does not allow stag entry.

6. You can share everything with her.


You can discuss even the emotional stuff with her and she is always there for you.

7. You get an insight into the female mind.


You can get to know girls better through her and understand the typical girl’s mentality.

8. She is always ready to go for shopping with you.


There is much improvement in your dressing sense because of her.

9. Your behaviour is seriously affected.


You get polite while talking to girls and know how to respect them.




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