Scared that your best friend’s dog will bite you just because you tried petting it at the wrong place on its body? Or scared that your friendly neighborhood cat-lady becomes unfriendly the moment you decide to snuggle one of her felines?

Worry not. These 9 pictures will show you all how to pet an animal absolutely accurately.

1. Cats and Dogs


Cat and dog petting mysteries solved.

2. Chinchillas and Hedgehogs


Yes, there’s cute and all, but still handle with care.

3. Bunnies and Fish


Wait… Why would you pet a fish…

4. Piglets and Bugs


…Or a bug? Ewww!

5. Bears


Haha. Not everybody is Leo from The Revenant. So, that’s a no.

6. Horses


Could you try this on other equine animals too?. Go ahead and try it. And let us know how’d it go.

7. Unicorns


If you have a pet one, and obviously don’t want to tell us, making us believe unicorns are not real then here’s how to pet them.

8. Snakes and Wolverines


…Ummm… Uhhh…. What?

9. And the real deal Wolverine


Source: Hello UK