Dating always leaves imprints  on your memory for long but it may be good or bad depending on the kind of relationship you share but in case you want it to be a pleasurable one you better not make the mistakes listed below to enjoy a happy and healthy relationship.1. Self absorbed

2.) You expect more from him.

Being single makes you self centered but it needs to be changed once you are in a relationship because then it’s a two way street and you cannot only be concerned for yourself completely negating the other.

2.Don’t be a watchdog

7.) You are scared of falling in love.

<h2.Nobody likes insecure partners ; trust is the cornerstone of any relationship so better not ruin it by stalking your partner or constantly checking their phone.

3. Build memories rather than creating drama

4.) You want to do everything yourself.

Good memories guarantee happiness in present  always enlighten up your mood when reflecting on your past whereas drama spoils not only the present moment but also for the future to come.

4.Don’t let your expectations reach Everest


It’s genuine to expect when in a relationship but they should be genuine too; it’s always better to keep the level of your expectations to the limit that you can fulfill their expectations from.

5.Accept him as he is


The fact is that none is perfect and each one is unique in himself so there seems no point in trying to change a man to someone he is not. It is always better to focus on the positive factors and accept the way he is because he is the best in what he is.


3.) You focus more on yourself.

It’s long that dictator died and the world got freedom for all and this applies to relationship too because nobody likes being dictated or dominated in a relationship hence dictating qualifies to be a complete ruin again.

7.Going too fast


Recall the fable of rat and hare and don’t forget the lesson it taught you; slow and steady wins the race .Therefore its always beneficial to go slow in a relationship.

8.Stop guarding your feelings always.

1.) Constantly guarding your feelings.

You don’t have to always build a shield around yourself sometimes it’s not required to guard your feelings because telling your feelings can really work well to earn each other’s trust and happiness in your relationship.

9.Appreciation is the appetite

5.) Your pride matters a lot to you.

Not only individuals but relationships too need appreciations as their as their appetite so always keep it in mind to appreciate the small efforts of your partner just like you criticize every small error.</h2.