There are some people who have inspired several fictional characters, have become style icons and have movies based on their life. No, I am not talking about some politician or some famous star. I am talking about the outlaws, the gangsters who were so badass that they are still remembered.

1. Pablo Escobar

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He deserves to be on the top of this list. This Columbian drug lord is known by one and all for being a part of the most feared criminal organisation. But this gangster being a family man decided to burn $2 million in cash to keep his daughter Manuela warm.

2. Dawood Ibrahim

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This man who was behind the 1993 Mumbai bombings made the word “Don” popular. He is the most feared man in India and has a large unlawful kingdom established here.

3. Al Capone

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Popularly known as “Scarface”, he was famous for smuggling liquor and for his involvement in prostitution. He was known for sending flowers to his rivals’ funeral

4. Frank Lucas

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This heroin dealer used to dress up as Lieutenant Colonel and smuggled heroin in the coffins of dead soldiers. He was a big deal in the late 1960s.

5. Haji Mastan

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He was the first underworld don in Mumbai, but surprisingly he didn’t kill anyone nor shot a bullet.

6. Frank Costello

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This Italian criminal was one of the most popular mob group leaders in the US. He was “lovingly” called as the Prime Minister.

7. James Burke

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“The Irishman” was the head of the Luchesse criminal family and was accused of murdering several people in the 1970s.

8. Henry Antrim

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This little kid started killing people at the age of 18 and throughout his life, he killed almost 30 people. He was called as “Billy the Kid”.

9. Jack Diamond

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This Irish-American gangster was active in Philadelphia and looked after the sales of bootlegged alcohol along with his notorious friend Arnold Rothstein.