We’ve all had grievous dating experience. A portion of those are an aftereffect of spoiled exhortation individual men would encourage you not to pursue. We’ve gathered a couple of occurrences from Quora and different places on the web and would love to caution you before hand.


Don't text back right away.


Use pick  up lines to  get her to like you.


Play mind  games to  keep her  interested.


Nice guys  finish last.


If you love  each other you will make it work.


Only date  peopleyou want  to marry.


Age is the  same thing as maturity.


Act like you don't care.


Lying on your online dating profile is okay.


You'll feel butterflies when it's right.


Play hard to get.


Order food without asking them.


Don't  praise her too much.


Pehle 6 months mutton biryani, then it's daal chawal.


Admitting  that you're wrong  is a  sign of  weakness.


Your partner should like the same things  as you.


Don't take  no for an  answer.


If you want  to get over a  breakup, sleep with  as many people as  possible.


Hasi toh phasi.