Ingenious logo designs can ’flirt’ with their target groups, inviting them to learn more about your business. Some of these works of art truly impress with the author’s ability to put so much sense into something so small.

We at Getzkick collected 15 examples of really smart and creative logos that make you look twice. So what do you see first?

Web Girls

Andre Sousa

Recreation center ’Crocodhill’

Piano bar ’Eleven music’

Ice cream ’Nutty Squirrel’

Erik Westlake

Cat food

Jan Meeus

Beer Canada

Safari into Africa

Sushi bar ’Eight fish’

Jerron Armes

Beauty salon ’Snooty Peacock’

Ryan Russell

Eat Innovations

Veterinary clinic

Caroline Remy

ADA, Adderley Dance Academy


The Dolphin House

’Spartan’ golf club