A spouse trudging for extend periods of time, a wife getting up in the early hours of morning and taking care of family unit tasks and offering her in-laws: some assistance with describing a commonplace family in India. Kavita’s story was the same.

This video transferred by Candid Creations, is a 2015 grant winning short film by Aban Bharucha Deohans. The story rotates around Kavita, a housewife. She lives with her spouse and deals with her disabled father-in-law. What chafes her is the way her dad in-law summons her: by slamming a spoon against the bedpost. She goes insane in view of this, which thus, brings about residential battles with her spouse.
Rajiv, wife Kavita, and Rajiv’s father, live in an apartment. Rajiv works as an Insurance agent, and travels a lot. Kavita represents a Cosmetic company and works from home, as she cannot leave her paralytic father-in-law alone.

Also, a habit that Kavita hates is the manner in which the old man summons her. He mulishly hangs on to a Teaspoon, which he uses to bang on the bedpost to call her.

And what’s frustrating is that he never does this when Rajiv is at home. Hence Rajiv cannot understand Kavita’s frustration.
A fight over dinner escalates and the resentment is carried forward to the next morning. Series of incidents become ingredients of a Molotov cocktail that lead to a disturbing end.

Directed by – Aban Bharucha Deohans