Creasy area around eyes…Lips wants to speak up more and more but somewhere stopped by certain creased up lines called wrinkles… Forehead is fully packed by furrows…!!! She is a woman who is now entered into her early 30’s where these two numbers makes her unhappy and unsatisfied… Sitting in a corner, mesmerized into dreams of her college life, friends and deeply madly wanted to make alive her 20’s life… But at sudden wake up from dreams and again fighting with the current reality!!!

Just like palm lines, face is too covered from so many lines, definitely unwanted they are… But now become best friends of a female life… She want them or not, but they will slowly slowly extend their area on her whole body just like time replace everything that she enjoyed and experienced in her 20’s, now with Three Zero=30…!!!

She is a woman so she is strong enough to bear all these malicious problems with a great colossal on her face… But if we discover then find so many factors which are now void in her life, and she is forcefully living without them because time is passing so rapidly and no one can’t control it and we can’t go back into past… But we can remember those 10 missing factors here-

#1.Flawless skin… Only in images!!!



Photo album is floating over hands, oldies pics in mobile phone making shadow on retina… Full concentration only on your face, zoom in… zoom out!!! And side by side make a wish for that flawless skin to be back in life…!!!

#2.Beauty of 23’s… Was heart failing!!!



Gone those days, when you look too beautiful and adorable that everyone wants to look at you, either you go anywhere… Beauty of 23’s, make beating fast of many boys and men, even do a heart fail many time… But now, your heart fails when you see a girl much younger than you… That marvelous has been passed away and not going to turn even a single blind eye….

#3.College life… Wants back!!!



Class phobia, 5 lectures in canteen, nervosity of exam, everything is now planned a full time bunk from life… Excitement is now over…

#4.Friends… Need to share things



He is husband and definitely a man… And man will be man… Can’t able to share all feelings with him… Just like college friends with whom we can share all the feelings and things are lost somewhere!!! Life make us moved out from everyone’s life, but now waiting badly for even a phone call of them.

#5.Tranquility… Break in life, rest for body



Bunk from life… Wants to give life a break to enjoy some moments alone… Only one thing- Family is circulating in mind just like blood circulates in whole body… Now feeling very tired, wants some rest, privacy… Those older days very quite good where every day was a rest day… Every other you have a break…!!!.

#6.Networking sites… No time



like our children profile, mention them in comments and status… Too hectic day make our fingers so tired that we don’t want to move them on key board!!!

#7.Good health… One apple everyday.



I am a big girl now… Nope, actually I am a woman now… Not a young girl, whose mother feed her through her hands…? Those days were awesome when I can run freely, cross all the stairs in just 30 sec!!! But now missing that perfect health very much… Not only physically but also mentally body is covered by a factor aging that so many health issues now started dancing around you…

#8.Attention… Boys’ eye’s all the way.



Whether it was school or college or a party, everywhere steal eyes of the boys only to look at her… But now no one is there to look at her… It is the most promising missing factor of a woman life… Attention seeking is the gift which she got in her teen age but now this gift is running from her hand like sand…

#9.Boys… Okay with one day boyfriend now.



Dating with college most handsome guy, feeling like floating on seventh sky… Eyes are sparkled with new gifts… Legs are always busy in outing… But now having only one busiest husband with no gifts, no outing… Eyes are closed, walking in world of dreams and just praying for a boyfriend only one day only…!!!.

#10.Hubby’s love… Fade with growing age.



With passing age and growing wrinkles, husband’s love is also started growing fade day by day… Now room is allured from his irritation, angriness, smell of his socks, not with love!!! His love starts becoming thin and stomach thick!!!

#11.Care of husband… Now he needs care too.



Baby bump was start staring out… At every step, hands are crisscrossed with another hand with a bundle of love!!! Sitting on chair and having food with the help of lips and teeth only because only lips are ordered to open and close and hands are advised to take rest… How caring was he… But now, both are having vitamins, minerals supplements together….

#12.Dating… Current date is out of order



Cheeks are getting red, smile don’t want to leave the face… This was the result of date with boyfriend in 20’s… But now, current date of menstruation is even out of order!!! Now, new kind of dating is start in life and it is- “Date with gynecologist…!”