“you’re not a skinny little girl”, “somedays, you’re more body than girl”, “curves in all the right place”

These are the lines of a bewitching poem ‘In Which I Resurrect Wonder Woman’ by Diksha Bijlani. This poem highlights the mental stress a girl goes through living in boundaries. Yes, boundaries. Boundaries of clothing that do not allow her to dress the way she wants. The fact that society judges a girl based on the amount of legs her dress show or the tightness of her blouse is the reason behind every mother’s warnings against wearing what the heart desires. This poem is about what every woman out there goes through while transcending into an adult from a teenager.

‘This is a story about skin-tight skirts, hiked up confidence, Kardashian butts and size 48 breasts that will not squeeze into your morals.’

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Source:Button Poetry