The truth is that laptops are essentially ever-changing, with constant focus on improving different areas of the design, both in terms of the internal components and how that affects the performance as well as the physical appearance and how that can be optimized for an easier user experience.

If you’re of a younger generation, it may be difficult to imagine not having access to the sleek, powerful and ergonomic devices that everyone uses today, but like most technology laptops have improved in their capabilities and ease of use on a seemingly constant basis since their creation.

With such an array of devices on the market there is now seemingly a laptop for every niche, meaning that whatever you do as a job or as a study subject, there are systems that can actively improve your progress and outcomes.

Read on to find out more about how laptops have changed and improved over the years.

Specialized devices

One major way in which laptops have improved over the years is the emergence of specialized laptops. With components being smaller and more powerful, as well as tech capabilities generally increasing over time, laptops have become more powerful and capable of specialist tasks than ever before.

When laptops first appeared on the market, they were highly expensive and of little use to the average person, with capabilities far more suited to the office and the administration associated with numbers, calculations and documentation.

However, relatively cheap or basic laptops are now very much general use devices for many people and can carry out a myriad of functions. Therefore, there is a demand for those with a hobby or passion (or simply extra money to spend) for specialized devices with highly advanced capabilities in certain areas.

Two examples of this type of product are gaming laptops, and business/study laptops. There are laptops with highly capable gaming hardware, as well as laptops for business students.


Despite the longevity of the laptop model, two-in-ones continue their presence in the mobile computer field, attempting to go even further than the laptop in terms of mobility, ease of use, and performing the basic functions people expect from their devices – such as streaming video, typing word documents and chatting to friends and family.

As time goes on and technology continues to improve at a rapid pace, it becomes easier and easier to condense high performance devices into smaller and more portable casings. But for now, two-in-ones continue to be more niche purchases with the guaranteed performance of a laptop appealing to consumers.

Wholesale improvements

As well as becoming more powerful and being more specialized, laptops have taken on a whole host of general improvements, in areas such as battery life, energy efficiency, weight, charging time and more.

This has entrenched the laptop as an essential device in many households, as it is so useful with very few drawbacks.

Overall, they have become diverse and modernized, with their mobility and ease of use continuing to stand out – alongside an ever growing capability in terms of hardware.

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