First days at a new job can get pretty awkward, right? Especially when you don’t know someone there. You’re anxious, kind of nervous, don’t know how things work, wonder if people are like-minded. All sorts of questions keep running through your mind. But how different would the first day at a normal desk job be from something more radical like a ghostbuster, or, I don’t know, a pornstar? Wouldn’t the pressure to perform just get to you? What if you get stage-fright or get way too excited for your own good?

YouTube channel Wood Rocket got in touch with some of the better-known pornstars out there to figure what actually goes down. Well, that’s not the right way of putting it (pun intended), we know what actually goes down but let’s hear it from the horse’s mouth, shall we?

The next time you think you’re having a bad day remember there’s someone called a fluffer in the porn industry whose only job is to keep a male adult film star aroused on the set.