Shikhar claims Maths is his favourite subject but Behti proves it to him that he is pretending to be intelligent. How? Behti Style!

Behti Naak is a 10 year old girl, daughter of Atul Naak and Alka Naak and her best friend is Shikhar. She minds her business until someone messes with her.

Children can be the meanest (potentially human :P) animals you ever meet. They are mortally mean to their folks however we see some kind solidarity with regards to their companions. All things considered, they know the majority of each other’s insider facts. In any case, who knew the companions get the greatest brunt of their ugliness?

This diverting video by comic Sumukhi Suresh uncovers the meanest side of a child who puts down a companion regally when he says he cherishes Maths.