When Pooja finds out about her husband having an affair she along with the help of her friend tries to turn things around in her marriage without confronting the husband. In the course of the plan things that were unknown to her about herself and her marriage surface . Just when Pooja thinks, that things might just getting better she gets hold of information that takes her by surprise .

We tend to trust everything we see. And sometimes we end up bumping into the terrible results. “Don’t let your mind see through eyes”!
After marriage trust is the pavement of a relationship. The doubt game tends to start after a certain period.

The short movie presenting Anupriya Goenka enlightens all the wives of present era. Pooja (Anupriya) is the protagonist who comes to know that her partner is cheating on him. Usually women share these things with their friends, Pooja did the same thing as we all would do. After that they both plans to make him realize his mistake. Pooja doesn’t confronts her husband, which later turns out to be her mistake.
The end is shocking and it influences her to ponder upon those things which she has never acknowledged. It ends up making her more illuminated.

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