Everybody would love having superpowers if given a shot. For instance, I’d like to peruse individuals’ psyches. Despite the fact that we can’t have those superpowers, however we can’t resist the urge to ponder what superpower would be the coolest to have!

Which superpower you would like to have for yourself ??
What could be the worst SUPERPOWER to have?
And Which SUPERHERO you want to see in your bed ??
Watch the video and see what Delhi has to say about these questions.

In this video by Old Delhi Films, a cluster of individuals from Delhi were asked: Which superpower you might want to have for yourself?

What could be the most noticeably bad superpower to have?. Individuals were a game and addressed the inquiries with much commendation. The capacity to fly, telekinesis, understanding individuals’ psyches, engaging in sexual relations with superheroes were some of them.