Sticks and stones may break our bones but words can also kill. RJ Naved on behalf of Radio Mirchi goes on field and conducts a social experiment – Issued in public interest. If you have to choose which stick will you choose?

Do you know when do individuals get forceful? When somebody says or accomplishes something that damages their feelings. When they feel that they have been wronged and they feel the need to battle back.
Furthermore, how would we guarantee that their feelings are not hurt? Basic, by not paying attention to considerations and convictions that make us feel that a few individuals are greater than others. On the off chance that we trust in equity and humankind, life can be made tranquil.

Also, that is precisely what Radio Mirchi Murga did. They gave individuals a perspective at present situation and gave them a decision on how would they like to respond to it. Their reactions are entirely surprising.