Most specialists working in IT dream to have a well-paid job and develop a solid reputation in their teams. This can be possible after years of experience and proving that you can add value when working on complex projects. However, you can climb up the promotion scale with the help of a Cisco certification 200-201 Dumps. If you are passionate about virtualization, network assurance, security, automation, or infrastructure, then attaining the Cisco CCIE Infrastructure Enterprise accreditation can become the “golden ticket” in your career path. Keep reading this article through the end to find more about the jobs you can apply for once you become a Cisco-certified professional.

Top 3 jobs you can apply to if you get the Cisco CCIE Infrastructure Certificate

The Cisco CCIE Infrastructure accreditation validates the candidates’ capability to implement and operate Cisco 200-301 Dumps Networking Core technologies. Once you succeed in the qualifying and lab exams, you will become an interesting candidate for the following jobs:

Network Administrator

If you take a close look at, you will find that the average salary for this position is around $61k. As you add the Cisco 200-901 Dumps Infrastructure Enterprise accreditation, you can negotiate higher pay and reach an annual salary of $103,846. As for the responsibilities, you should know that you will be responsible for the company’s technical network operations. For example, your job description includes configuring and installing network infrastructure and managing the existing one. Besides, you should be permanently alert to the latest network security updates and implement them in your existing infrastructure to meet your internal customers’ requirements.

Network Engineer offers information on the average annual salary for a certified network engineer as being $106,907. On top of that, Cisco 300-415 Dumps as you become certified, you can use the accreditation as proof of your commitment and reliability and negotiate additional incentives and performance bonuses that can motivate you in your job. If you take a look at the job description for this position, you will learn that you will be responsible for the network’s installation, configuration, and support. For example, you should have a solid knowledge of how routing and switches work as well as how to manage virtualization and network security. You can develop these capabilities while preparing for the Cisco 300-410 Dumps CCIE infrastructure Enterprise certification and even more than that.

Solutions Architect

The average pay for a Solutions Architect position is $121,000 in one year. This information is available on as well. As you dig deeper into the responsibilities list for this job, you will find that you will be responsible for designing or modifying the systems’ architecture to meet the organization’s needs. Besides, you should demonstrate your capacity of testing, integrating, and programming the company’s software systems to prevent any failures and immediately solve those that might appear.


As you can easily conclude, the job opportunities are diverse as you win the Cisco CCIE Infrastructure Enterprise certification on By adding this certificate to your resume, you become more visible to recruiters and appreciated as a potential candidate for jobs like Network Administrator, Network Engineer, or Network Support Technician. So, you should work hard to reach this milestone and enjoy the benefits associated with this achievement. Good luck!

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