Facebook and Instagram have some pretty odd rules when it comes to what they delete or leave up online.

‘Australian blogger, freedom fighter and queen lover,’ Constance is renowned for her regular posts on being a wife and a mother, as well as womanhood in general.

Her post prompted her loyal followers to weigh in on the issue, with many asking why Facebook would censor a mother’s body.


‘Facebook deleted the photo of my glorious curvaceous comfy body the other night,’ she wrote to her 813,621 Facebook followers.

‘In an act that can only be described as mumbod envy.

‘Don’t worry admin, one day you will have a comfy #mumbod too.’

‘The photo actually made me feel better about my own body. And gave me confidence that I to am beautiful,’ one woman wrote.


‘They allow naked pictures of women and pictures of dead bodies and animal abuse yet your picture was taken down. Facebook get your act together ffs!’