With little to spare when she arrived in The City of Dreams, actress Tisca Chopra’s life seemed to spew chaos the moment she started pursuing her dreams of becoming a stellar actor. With no house in the city and a tormentor-in-chief as a landlord, here’s Tisca’s fabulous story on how she took that first step towards the silver screen, all thanks to a massive twist of fate!

Mumbai is known as the city of dreams. Individuals from the whole way across the nation result in these present circumstances transcendent city looking for riches, popularity and fantastic achievement. In any case, what a great many people don’t understand is the city isn’t a bed of blooms where everything is buoyant. It’s to a greater extent a colosseum where you’re secured a battle to the passing with every one of the visionaries trying for achievement.

Tisca Chopra, in a video uploaded by Kommune India, discusses her experience moving to ‘Mumbai Nagaria’ and how getting her first component film was a remarkable battle. She opens up about how she had longed for huge manors with pools and stallions however soon understood there’s a tremendous distinction between a performing artist and a star. At last, she uncovers, her first component film came through assistance from the unlikeliest of people.