She didn’t want to spend the rest of her life with a stranger. She didn’t want to adhere to what was expected of her. She was pleasantly surprised by what was to follow – watch the whole story unfold here. #ChangeIsBeautiful

For each 20-something lady in India, the chai-samosa, Arranged marriage setup is a honest to goodness dread. (Much appreciated, Bollywood, for the buzzword!). We’ve all feared it eventually in time, derided it, or inside and out rejected it. This new promotion by Biba however, is making us take a gander at this clumsy occasion in an altogether different manner.
We don’t think #ArrangedMarriageGoals is a thing yet, however it thoroughly ought to be. The depiction of the father of the lady here is precisely how we would need our own to be, similar to the potential lucky man’s gang. The producers have caught the ungainliness of the fellow and the young lady impeccably, and that minimal upbeat minute at last is abnormally consoling.