Genealogy is the study of our families and our lineage which helps us to trace our ancestry and lets us understand our identity. Much of the world today is divided on the nationalistic identities where people associate themselves with their nation and the underlying cultural values. At a micro level, we also like to know more about our ancestors and their lives. Being a social animal, we always need some identity and values to associate ourselves with and at times emulate them. Genealogy tree helps us not just to know more about our lineage but also enables us to inculcate the very values in our offspring.



Genealogy Trees are charts which represent the family relationships in the form of structured tree. Generally, the data could be represented in several formats, but the way of representing them is always similar. The older generations are placed at the top of tree and the subsequent generations are placed one below each other. There are many websites which could help you to build, maintain and share your genealogy tree online. They provide options for making free family tree charts which other could gain access to and if needed, contribute to it and thereby build new bonds. One of the unique features of family tree is that it is available in many themes and there are many templates for making the family tree.



It is a very pertinent question as to why we need a family tree. There could be many reasons for this. But the answer lies in the fact that we are all social animals. Our desires are not merely limited to gathering, eating and sleeping. Where it is the human explorations in the world that has in turn made it more complex, our necessities go far beyond the earthy desires. Our longing for family and our association for certain values which we inherit from our ancestors; these are some basic needs of every social individual. We always need an identity to tether to in order to leap ahead in life with these values as cornerstone for our success. Our posterity would be ill-served if we fail to inherit them these noble values and keep them away from their true identity.
Herein lays the importance of family tree charts where we could know more about our family lineage and explore more about our family members.


Many genealogy websites assist their users in creating genealogy trees and help them to connect with their relatives. They allow the users to contribute, share and visit these family tree charts which could be accessed by the visitors. These websites may allow free usage or give an option for premium accounts. They provide templates for these charts and these are also available in different themes. Once we get registered with these sites, we could expand our tree based on our research or if some of our relative views our family chart.


One of the many benefits of family tree has been that it has brought together the masses by creating a platform where people from different places could conveniently create their own family associations and connect in a better way. Just imagine how difficult it would be to do the same thing physically when some of our relatives live miles apart. The genealogy websites have vast array of database which could be easily accessed by its users.

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