With all the busyness of everyday life, it’s not always easy to see our lives as an amalgamation of experiences- sad, happy, confused, or otherwise. And it’s amazing how this specific reality hits you when you see artist Curtis Wiklund’s webpage, Drawing365. As the name suggests, Curtis Wiklund sketched one instance from his life every day, ritualistically, covering anything and everything that he thought was special to him. And though the entire series has a horde of random sketches from his life, one recurrent theme that stood out was the relationship he shared with his girlfriend, Jordin, who became his wife, and eventually, the mother of his child. Which is pretty sweet, considering it was a conversation with the then girlfriend that prompted him to start the project.

The images below capture that very intimacy that every dream relationship is made of — everyday moments that have you look back at and feel very, very happy about — irrespective of how happy or tense they seemed in the moment. Curtis also provides a great narrative on each of these sketches through his titles for the pieces.

You should totally check out the above link, his Instagram account and also his personal website: all of them are pretty visual, and pretty pretty. So here it goes:

#1 “Night time routine.”


#2 “Sleepover with my best friend.”


#3 “New reading light works well as an interrogation light.”


#4 “Budgeting”


#5 “Cold season.”


#6 “Out cold.”


#7 “Post-shower, pre-hairspray.”


#8 “When my wife is out of town, I forget to eat or sleep.”


#9 “Back-scratching as a sedative.”


#10 “My wife watched the season finale of Castle today. Those who watch it understand.”


#11 “Dumb fight.”


#12 “We’re pregnant. 🙂 I have a feeling more drawings will be coming.”


#13 “You’re still my valentine.”


#14 “This parenting thing feels like we’re climbing up a new mountain every single day. But baby we’re doing it! And there’s no one in the world I’d rather be doing it with. Happy Valentine’s Day. Yours forever and ever”