I’ve generally been a women’s activist, since I didn’t know there was a word for it.

As the young lady who was told she wasn’t sufficiently solid, as the youngster who was made to feel embarrassed about her period, as the young lady who was asked what she was wearing, as the lady who was told marriage was the sole motivation behind her life – there’s a considerable measure society lets us know.

So when Instagram opened the “36 Days Of Type” test (wherein visual architects and visual craftsmen make a letter every day), I chose to make this arrangement as an endeavor to discussion of the plenitude of ways the patriarchy, sexual orientation parts, excellence benchmarks, disgracing, and confinements today are molding our ladies and their lives. It receives the commonplace voice of the quintessential Indian aunty ji as an impression of our general public.

A for Alcohol

B for Bra Strap

C for Cigarettes

D for Dieting

E for Education

F for Fairness

G for Gaalis

H for Husband

I for Ignore

J for Jeans

K for Khushkhabri

L for Loud Makeup

M for Marriage

N for Naukri

O for Opinions

P for Periods

Q for Qismat

R for Roti

S for Surname

T for Time

U for Unmarried Motherhood

V for Virginity

W for Waxing

X for X-chromosomes

Y for Yaari-Dosti

Z for Zimmedari

Aarushi Jain is a 21-year-old student of Exhibition and Spatial design at the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad. You can follow her work on Instagram and Behance.