The world is brimming with veiled men (and ladies). Each veil, going about as a divider to monitor the truth of feelings confined inside the hearts and psyches of the person. What happens when these covers are gradually disclosed? What happens when you understand the individual wearing the cover may simply be you or surprisingly more terrible, somebody you trusted with your entire existence?

Lonely Girl is a mental thriller rotating around wonderful Radhika Kapoor (Riya Sen) who awakens with a blurred memory and understands that she is caught inside her own particular home. She’s startled to locate a baffling lady Gauri (Kyra Dutt) who tries hard to persuade her that she is her dear companion and her significant other Arjun (Gulshan Nain). Through her associations with Gauri, Radhika discovers motivation to trust that she might be somebody who wishes to bring about her mischief.

As the story advances, we see Radhika’s memory float once more into the right spot bringing about the revelation of two dead bodies laying on the cool marble floor of her wonderful confined house.

Written and directed by Saurabh Varma, Lonely Girl is a psychological thriller with a profound and important message. In our current reality where we get to be distinctly blinded by our impression of reality here and there a third individual perspective is the most unmistakable choice. Who or what this third individual is, that is the magnificence of Lonely Girl.

Lonely Girl is a psychological thriller revolving around beautiful Radhika Kapoor who wakes up with a faded memory in her outhouse and realizes that she is trapped inside. She’s startled to find a mysterious woman Gauri, who tries to convince her that she is her close friend and her husband Arjun is the one who is upto no good. As Radhika begins to get her memory back, she senses that things may not be as they seem and just then we see a dead body in the house! Will Radhika realize what has happened? What is Gauri’s motive? Where is her husband? Whose dead body is in the house? Find out when you watch Lonely Girl.

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