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You must be wondering how to earn money by playing online games . If yes, you are not alone. Many gamers who want to turn their hobby into a side gig, ask this question and search for means to make some money online.

The arrival of the Internet has given way to the emergence of online casinos and games websites. This has helped many people to enjoy gaming while sitting in their homes. 

As you go through this article, you will find ways to make a profit from playing online games. 

Streaming your gameplay online

Streaming your gameplay is an excellent way to earn money. It is not just about watching someone play the game and commentating on what’s happening on the screen. You can also use streaming to show off how well you play or to teach others how to master a certain game.

With the rise of streaming games, there are lots of opportunities to earn cash.  Today, streaming has become a popular way of sharing your gaming experience with other gamers. 

It increases your popularity and builds viewers. It also helps you gain more followers, which in turn can help you monetize your streaming and make money from it. You can make money through donations, subscriptions, or sponsorships. 

It might seem a bit daunting task in the beginning as it needs time to attract viewers but once you are done with this phase, the money comes in. 

Get paid for writing game reviews

Online gaming is a big business and it has been projected to be worth billions by 2022. The growth of the gaming industry on the Internet has created a new form of journalism, referred to as game journalism. 

Gamers who are good at gaming and writing can use their skills to create game reviews. Currently, a lot of games websites create and publish reviews of games and online casinos to assist new players to make informed decisions. The website owners hire reviewers for writing reviews.

When you write a product review, you share your opinion regarding the product. As a game reviewer, your job is to share the pros and cons of each game product or game you are reviewing. You also share tips to help amateur players.

Create tutorials and guides games

Many websites pay you for creating guides. You can become a guide who creates tutorials to offer insight into what beginners go through and what they need help with. 

These tutorials will be helpful content for beginners who want to learn about the specific game. If you are good at gaming, you will have a fun time making a guidebook for players who look for help while playing a game.

Earn money by testing games

You can work as a game tester in a company or as a freelancer too.

You can become a game tester only if you enjoy playing the games because it needs you to have patience and analytical skills. 

Apart from having gaming skills, you should have communication skills because your job would need you to communicate with developers on fixing bugs or issues if any. 

The job of a game tester is not easy as it needs you to work repetitively on some specific tasks such as going through the same feature several times. The company may request you to play the game to identify any potential issues.  

Get paid for playing real money games

Many people play at casinos for the purpose of entertainment. Today, with the advent of online casinos, it has become easier for enthusiasts to play online casino games. 

With real money, you can enjoy a variety of games including Bingo, Poker, Table Games, Slots, and JetX. The newest release by SmartSoft Gaming, JetX, is based on airplanes. Enjoy placing a JetX bet as the game is not only entertaining but has several features to help you make money. 

Play at a trustworthy website – be safe!

Many websites cater to gamers from India and around the world. When looking for a website, always select a reliable and safe website that offers generous deals and bonuses. 

The most important thing when choosing a games website is the safety of your personal data. Safe online games websites are those that are integrated with advanced encryption technology to ensure the security of confidential information of its members.  

It’s very important to sign up at a casino with safety features and the best collection of games. If a casino is new, then it might not be so reliable. If you are new to gaming and looking for a website, you can go through the user’s review and ask professional players for their opinion. 

Parimatch is a dependable website for Indian players as it has features that cater to Indian players including the INR currency. It covers a large number of games and sports. Check it out and enjoy gaming in a safe ambiance.