For a long time in the 2000s, it seemed like the heyday of game shows had come and gone. Memories of sitting on the carpet on a Sunday evening and watching local game shows that came on every week are faded now, due to the lack of popularity that they experienced for about two decades. They were so much fun to watch: you’d try to guess the answers to the questions or root for your favorite team to win. The whole family would get involved and those nights gathered together on the sofa would be so much fun. Lucky for us, game shows have had an incredible resurgence and are now as popular again as they were before. Now we have TV shows based on video games, old school TV shows rebooted and revitalized and fun new TV shows for a new generation. Thanks to Netflix, we now have a whole new era of game show fun to enjoy! Let’s check out the top five game shows on Netflix right now.

Best Game Shows on Netflix
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Floor is Lava

Many of us played this game for years and years when we were younger, in one form or another. I remember jumping from sofa cushion to chair to sofa cushion: anything that wasn’t the actual floor because the floor was boiling hot lava that would burn you if you touched it. Well, Floor is Lava follows the same basic principle but on a far larger scale. The game has been around since 2020, perfect timing since we’ve needed entertainment more than ever over the last few years.

This show is set in a studio resembling an oversized and caricatured home setting. The danger of falling into the 80,000 gallons of bright red “lava” that is pumped into the rooms might not be hot enough to melt your skin off, but touching it will take you a step further from the $10,000 grand prize.

The sets are built in a really fun and exciting way: think Indiana Jones meets Night At The Museum meets Rugrats. Locations include The Basement, The Bedroom, The Study, The Planetarium, and The Kitchen.

The Great British Bake Off

People who love The Great British Bake Off really love The Great British Bake Off. Many good-natured family squabbles have erupted over who should have won, but it’s always good fun. In this most beloved of game shows, amateur bakers face off against each other in the hopes that they might soon be crowned the UK’s Best Amateur Baker. The highs and lows of the bakers are a thrill ride for those who like to avoid roller coasters. Every episode, these bakers face different challenges: Signature Bake tests the baker’s creative ability and asks them to offer up homemade goodness. Technical Bake focuses on the baker’s technique when they bake something using all the same ingredients. The Showstopper Bake will test contestants’ flair and push them further than any other challenge.

The Great British Bake Off
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The Circle

This game show has been so popular that it’s spawned versions all across the world. The Circle takes social media communication and interaction to a whole new level. Contestants are housed in a block of trendily furnished apartments and they interact together via The Circle social media app. Not all the contestants are what they appear to be though: they each have to figure out if they’re being catfished by potential friends and romantic interests or if they’re the real deal. Every few days, players are “rated” by their competitors and the two highest-rated players achieve the rank of Influencer until the next vote and the lowest-rated player may be blocked and cut from the game. Once players leave, the remaining players are given the lowdown on whether or not they were who they said they were. New players enter now and again to keep things interesting. The goal of the game is to make it to the finale, become the highest rated player and win the prize money.

The Circle
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This game show needs no introduction. While Jeopardy is not a Netflix original game show, it is probably one of the most beloved game shows on the planet today. Since 1964, hosts have been quizzing contestants who hope to win some cold hard cash. Each round – Jeopardy, Double Jeopardy, and Final Jeopardy – sees the contestants making bets and answering questions using the clues provided by the host as a starting point. The classic “Who is/What is” answer wins or loses them the money. Questions range through different categories and difficulty levels and have different amounts attached depending on the round that the contestants are playing. Champions may return to the show for another bite at the apple.

Wrap Up

These game shows will keep you guessing and entertained for hours on end. Which one is your favorite?